Infectious Diseases in Water Protection

The project ”Decisions support in handling the risks of spreading zoonotic agents through water to humans and animals” aims to improve society’s ability to manage and reduce the risks of spreading zoonotic through water (zoonoses are infectious agents that can naturally spread between humans and animals).

Sweden’s Veterinary Medicine Institute are project owners and the Swedish Public Protection Agency is financier. The project consists of three sub-projects and runs from 2014 to 2018. Development Center for Water participates in sub-project 3, where a practically applicable decision regarding the management of microbiology risks in the establishment of water protection areas and water protection area regulations shall be developed.

Construction of the Mathilda Laboratory

The project has now switched to becoming a business.

The laboratory was built up in 2016 with the support of Roslagens Sparbanksstiftelser and is well-equipped for analyzing drinking water, wastewater and storm water. It will be used for analyzes in the project “test bed drinking water” and “test bed wastewater”, and as part of our upcoming research platform. Mathilda laboratory also enables many future projects and an expantion of the business.