The Water Centre for Innovation (UCV), is a sub-division of Campus Roslagen AB, which is fully owned by Norrtälje Municipality.

Campus Roslagen manages property and educational courses provided at different levels, including adult education, vocational education and courses provided in co-operation with universities. Some courses are provided as distance-learning courses. For example, a distance-education course in Urban Runoff, provided by Luleå Technical College meets on 3 occasions per semester at Campus Roslagen. UCV, established in 2013, has as its goal to gather, assimilate and spread knowledge on small-scale drinking water and wastewater solutions and local water management. UCV provides an official municipal service to Norrtälje’s citizens, providing them with neutral advice on upgrading their drinking water and wastewater systems in order to meet local rules and regulations. Norrtälje municipality has the largest number of small-scale wastewater systems of any municipality in Sweden and the municipal water supply system only supplies about 40 % of the population (which is less coverage than many low-to-middle income countries).

To further achieve its goals of enabling citizens to make informed decisions about their drinking water and wastewater needs, UCV and the associated company Vatteninfo run several courses and networks. Courses run include Drinking Water and Health – Groundwater in co-operation with researchers and professors from the Royal Institute of Technology. There are four courses provided for entrepreneurs that provide wastewater solutions. GEMVA provides training for community associations managing their own drinking water and/or wastewater. The network of municipalities, KOMMO, has met to discuss water challenges and means of solving these. UCV is involved in the SUWAS training programme run by NIRAS, with participants from East Africa and Southeast Asia visiting 4 times per year. UCV also organises several meets per year to inform local citizens about drinking water and wastewater.